West Hollywood : Shelter to Remain Open

The West Hollywood Homeless Organization's shelter on La Brea Avenue, which planned to close Tuesday because it had run out of money, will remain open with a $100,000 grant from Los Angeles County Supervisor Ed Edelman, shelter officials announced this week.

Nearly 30 residents who had expected to leave on New Year's Eve were allowed to stay. The financially troubled shelter had planned to close for about a month to streamline its budget and services.

Edelman's grant came from discretionary Community Development Block Grant funds provided by the federal government. The homeless organization has also received donations from record producer David Geffen and from Shelter Partnership, a nonprofit group involved in housing for the homeless.

"The additional funding we have received in the last week will enable us to continue to provide services to our residents," said Jackie Mendelson, the homeless organization's acting executive director.

Since it opened in November, 1990, the shelter has provided medical care, food, beds, counseling and other services to nearly 200 people.

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