Sentencing for Tyson Set Back Three Weeks : Jurisprudence: Donald Trump proposes that boxer be allowed to give millions to rape victims instead of going to prison.

From Associated Press

Marion Superior Court Judge Patricia Gifford granted a defense request Thursday to delay Mike Tyson’s sentencing from March 6 to March 27, and it may be even later than that, court officials said in Indianapolis.

The former heavyweight champion was convicted Monday of raping a contestant in the Miss Black America pageant on July 19, 1991.

“Probably the defense wanted more time to review the pre-sentence report,” said Rob Smith, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office. “This is something we expected.”


However, Smith said his office has a schedule conflict with the March 27 date and plans to request another continuance to April 3.

Earlier Thursday, entrepreneur Donald Trump made a bizarre proposal that Tyson be allowed to give “millions and millions” of dollars to rape victims instead of going to prison. Indiana prosecutors dismissed the offer.

“An offer to buy someone out of prison or out of a sentence is not appropriate,” Smith said.

Trump, who has advised Tyson in the past, said Tyson asked for advice after the conviction.

“What has happened to him, the conviction, is already punitive,” Trump was quoted as saying by the New York Post. “The victim has had the satisfaction of humbling him and being vindicated.”

Trump said at a news conference the deal would not violate the ethics of the criminal justice system.


“Now you could always say, ‘Well, then, rich people are going to be able to buy themselves (out of trouble),” Trump said. “That’s not necessarily true. This is a case that’s unique.

“The case could be made, well, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy yourself out, as perhaps the prosecutor would say. But a lot more people can benefit by what I’m suggesting than by throwing a man in jail, virtually with no money--because by the time this ends he won’t have any money--by throwing a man in jail, virtually penniless.”

Trump suggested that part of the proceeds from a fight between Tyson and heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield could be set aside for the 18-year-old victim.

Another share could be designated for “rape and abuse” victims in Indiana, he said.

The victim has given People magazine permission to use her picture and name. Her photograph appears on the cover of the Feb. 24 edition, which goes on sale Sunday.

The magazine quotes her as saying: “I didn’t do it for fame. It was the right thing to do.”

She was not paid, People spokeswoman Beth Kseniak said.

An ABC spokeswoman said Barbara Walters will interview Tyson’s accuser Feb. 21 on “20-20.”

The victim is not being paid for the ABC interview, a spokeswoman said.