MOORPARK : City Reverses Stand on Post Office Site

Moorpark city officials have changed their minds about locating a new post office on High Street.

Despite hopes that a new postal facility on the thoroughfare would boost the number of shoppers in the area, city officials concluded on Wednesday that the size and design of a proposed post office would not fit on High Street.

City Council members voted to ask the U.S. Postal Service to suggest another downtown location for the new facility.

The council voted last November to ask the Postal Service to build a post office planned for the city on the south side of High Street. City officials have long hoped to move the local post office from its present location in the Town Center shopping plaza.

The Postal Service plans to build a new, large post office in Moorpark within the next five years to accommodate the city's growth. Postal authorities have determined that Moorpark needs a 22,000-square-foot post office on a 98,000-square-foot lot that would allow for delivery trucks and customer parking.

In addition, the building is to be set back from the street by at least 300 feet. The High Street location that city officials had considered for the post office has a total depth of only 130 feet, according to a staff report.

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