YORBA LINDA : Sister City Program Plans First Meeting

After gaining approval from the City Council last week, organizers of Yorba Linda’s fledgling sister city program will hold their first public meeting this evening to recruit volunteers and begin fund-raising efforts.

The city has been paired with San Mauro, a city on the banks of the Po River in northern Italy, for cultural exchanges of civic groups and students, said Carolyn Clark, a Yorba Linda resident who is active in the program here.

“It is a new opportunity for the people here,” Clark said. “The emphasis will be on exchanges for art and writing and pen pals.”

The City Council has agreed to pay the annual $480 dues to the Sister City International program, which serves as the liaison for the two cities. The city expects a delegation from San Mauro to visit Yorba Linda, but a trip has not been scheduled.


The two cities were matched because of their similarities. Both are suburban and largely residential.

“None of us have ever been there,” Clark said. “That is the challenge, to find out what the other country is like.”

The public meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in activity Room A of the Travis Ranch Elementary School at 5200 Via de la Escuela.