Video Rental Chart : 'Scout' Holds Onto First Place

The ultra-violent, futuristic action film "Freejack," slammed by critics who said it didn't make much sense, still pulled in an OK $17 million at the box office and may do even better on home video, entering the Billboard magazine rental chart at No. 8. The lure is the stars: the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins. The horror movie "The People Under the Stairs" crept up two notches to No. 9. More people are likely to see "Year of the Gun," a box-office stiff, on video; it debuted at No. 27. The big attraction is Sharon Stone, who's become a major star due thanks to "Basic Instinct," which was made after "Gun." Some retailers are predicting the box-office disaster "At Play in the Fields of the Lord," a three-hour-plus drama about Amazon Indians and missionaries, will be a hot rental because renters are curious about the nude scenes of stars Tom Berenger and Daryl Hannah. It entered the chart at No. 23.

* Director Alan Parker's drama about a young Irish band that plays soul music did fair box-office business of $14 million and generated a hit album. On the rental chart, it debuted at No. 17.

Rank Weeks Last on the Week Chart 1. "The Last Boy Scout" 1 4 2. "The Fisher King" 2 8 3. "Frankie&Johnny;" 6 2 4. "Little Man Tate" 8 3 5. "Deceived" 3 6 6. "Ricochet" 4 6 7. "Boyz N the Hood" 5 9 8. "Freejack" ... ..1 9. "The People Under the Stairs" 11 3 10. "Dead Again" 9 9 * "The Commitments" ... 1

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