Bureaucratic Dilemmas and Issue of Cityhood

We have the federal government. I read the lips of our leader, and he is a liar. Congress can't balance its own checkbooks. Last time anyone bothered to count, they had put us in the hole for a bit more than $300 billion.

Then there's the state government. With all the lottery money, they've done a marvelous job of destroying whatever meager level of public education we had managed to obtain. In the meantime, they forgot to send me my 20% auto insurance rebate but remembered to increase the sales tax.

And we have the county government. But the sheriff is too busy brutalizing the citizens to control the gangs. And how does the county control the increasing health problems of the poor? They reduce public health care.

But wait. There is a brilliant solution to this bureaucratic dilemma. Another layer of government.

The "City" of Hacienda Heights. We'll have control. We'll have direction. We'll have a big bank account. And it won't even cost any money.

Cityhood! Hooray! I can wait to vote for it!

Now, if only I can figure out what to do with that big bridge in Brooklyn I just bought from some guy on the phone.


Hacienda Heights

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