Roybal Project

The story on Rep. Ed Roybal's (D-Los Angeles) failed attempt to get $10 million inserted in the defense appropriations bill for the Edward R. Roybal Foundation is the best argument yet for term limits ("Roybal Project Voted Down Amid Pork Barrel Charges," July 9).

Roybal, of course, sees absolutely nothing wrong with his request, after all, "business as usual" should have taken care of it. Is it my fantasy that I can hear the man complain "It's only $10 million"? That this is the common attitude in Washington is shown by Rep. Don Edwards' (D-San Jose) comment that he thought it would be unanimous because Roybal had been "so good for California."

Well, Ed and Don, I've been good for California too. I pay the bills you guys run up, and I vote no.


Pacific Palisades

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