A Firing Offense

Re "Janitor Talks to Reporter, Is Fired (July 8)": As an employee of one of the few remaining stores at Anaheim Plaza Mall, I am aghast at the treatment of Aureliano Rodriguez.

Mr. Rodriguez was always busy at work whenever I saw him and always pleasant. The so-called "discipline" in his work file is ridiculous.

Since when are employees to be fired for speaking briefly to a spouse, arriving on time for their normal schedule and telling the truth?

According to a recent Times story about mall management, the mall is empty most of the time and is scheduled for demolition in the first quarter of 1993. Many remaining stores have cut their hours due to lack of traffic.

To cover this up with lies, false jocularity and nonexistent "excitement" is a truly bizarre form of corporate denial. Apparently telling the truth is now a firing offense.


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