Let’s Be Realistic on Beach Access

After reading the article (“Panel Pressures Laguna to Open Private Beaches,” July 14) about the California Coastal Commission’s latest effort to improve public access to the small cove beaches in Laguna Beach, I am ready to side with the homeowners.

What is the real need for the public to have convenient access to such pocket beaches anyway? How many people would be served in the course of a summer?

I think the real issue here is not realistic public service so much as harassment by political activists for their own funny reasons.

Has the Coastal Commission figured out where the public is going to park? Have they figured out where the public is going to go to the toilet?


The state, county or city would be wiser spending money on larger beaches with adequate facilities for parking and all the rest, including private services such as snack bars, etc.

Why ruin some small neighborhood just to make points with the Ralph Naders and Jerry Browns?

JOSEPH M. THOMAS, Newport Beach