Speeding Complaints

A few years ago, the residents in the Santa Rosa Valley started complaining about the speeding traffic on Santa Rosa Road. I don't commute on that road, but I travel it five to 10 times a week, at the legal limit, and I've made some observations over the years.

Yes, people speed there. But of the cars that have passed me (being in violation of the speed limit, crossing a double yellow line, in a no-passing zone or all of the above), fully 75% have gone to (or come from) a Santa Rosa Valley side street. Many of the vehicles observed went into a residential garage, so I don't consider these people "through commuters."

If the residents want to complain, maybe they should check themselves first. If they went through my neighborhood at that speed, local law enforcement would be all over them.

G. R. WHALE, Canoga Park

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