Alternatives on Homeless

In a city that is rated amongst the top five in the nation in which to live, an advocacy group that wants to place a homeless center on Oxnard’s Willow Lane is gathering a petition to counteract another petition opposing the center.

Residents close to the proposed Homeless Drop-in Center are saying, “We do not want it here!” Residents from other parts of the city are petitioning to have it set up away from their “back yard,” also.

But there is another option that offers this great city a chance to show the rest of the nation that the entire population is willing to share in the efforts of assisting the homeless. That proposal is a traveling shower and education trailer that would be shared on a rotating basis by all interested churches and city parking lot sites as approved by the city. In this manner, there would never be a permanent site in anyone’s “back yard.” Yet, everyone would be able to participate.


This solution unites the city and shows the nation that this top-rated city does have its act together.

PHILLIP J. NAVARRO, Outreach/Education Coordinator Commission on Human Concerns, Oxnard