CHULA VISTA : Fingerprint Check Leads to Arrest

An illegal Mexican immigrant, who was arrested Sunday in Chula Vista on suspicion of drunk driving, was later found to be wanted in connection with a San Diego murder four years ago, authorities said Tuesday.

Margarito Abelino Morales, 33, had been sought by police in connection with the Jan. 25, 1988, murder of Isidro Gonzales Romero, said San Diego Police Lt. Barbara Harrison. He was turned over to Border Patrol authorities, who performed a routine fingerprint check and discovered that Morales was wanted for murder.

Morales allegedly killed Romero during a dispute in front of the Lucky Lady Bar in the 400 block of 16th Street in downtown San Diego.

Trying to conceal his identity, Morales had told officers his name was Angel Hernandez Guizar when he was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving.

The Border Patrol routinely compares fingerprints of illegal immigrants in custody with the records of people known to have criminal records.

Morales was booked into County Jail on suspicion of murder, Harrison said.

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