KMPC Will Replace Angel Broadcasting Team : Radio: Conin and Jamison to be fired after the season as station continues to adapt to a new image.


Angel radio broadcasters Al Conin and Bob Jamison will be replaced after the season by KMPC.

Conin, who is finishing his ninth season as an Angel broadcaster, and Jamison, in his second year, were told after broadcasting the Angels' Labor Day game against Oakland that their contracts will not be renewed.

"It wasn't a shock, but when you hear it, it is a disappointment," Conin said.

KMPC General Manager Bill Ward said that the station wanted to make a change and that the decision was influenced in some manner by the station's switch to an all-sports format earlier this year .

"I don't have any dissatisfaction at all with either one of them," Ward said. "Personally, I like them very much, and professionally, I think they're very professional.

"I certainly respect their work, particularly Al, because I've known him longer and he has more major league experience. There's that old recommendation question, would you hire this guy back? In another situation and time, I would."

Ward said the recommendation that the contracts not be renewed was approved by Gene and Jackie Autry, who own both the radio station and the team.

"It's the same ownership . . . it comes down to what they want," Conin said.

"(KMPC) felt it needed to make changes to try to create a new identity or make a fresh start in the new format."

Conin said there had been some earlier "conflict" over his style.

"I'm sure at this point they chose not to make it an issue," Conin said. "I think I've gone through what I call an evolution; I felt particularly comfortable with where I was the last couple of years. I was not given any reason about performance. If there was one, maybe they felt they didn't want to hurt my feelings. I don't know."

Ward said that KMPC does not have particular replacements in mind.

"We're going to get into that after the season," he said. "My feeling is, once it's known, there are a lot more options."

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