Bernstine, Jefferson Can Buy His Tickets

Dear Bobby (Beathard and/or Ross),

After watching the game on Sept. 20 (or any other game in the last three years), a few thoughts came to mind.

I have been a Charger fan for 15 years and have suffered with you guys through the bad times and enjoyed the good times. As a season ticket-holder, I have seen the end of the Coryell era, the Saunders regime, the Henning Fiasco, and, with much antipication, the beginning of Bobby Ross' tenure.

Injuries have been a major factor in producing the poor results of the last few years. We all wait for Anthony Miller to return to Pro Bowl form, Marion Butts to lead the league in rushing, the offensive line to give our quarterback of the moment a chance to see his grandchildren, and, all in all, our return to the (dare I say it) playoffs.

I do look forward to every home game. I tremendously enjoy coming out to the stadium, having hot dogs and a beer and watching our guys give everything they have to bring home a win. Defensively, Junior Seau, Burt Grossman, Leslie O'Neal, Gary Plummer and Stanley Richard are worth the price of the ticket.

However, while I realize some fans take their frustration level to an extreme, I feel the comments made this week by Shawn Jefferson and Rod Bernstine were unwarranted and bush league at best. They must realize that while to them season tickets represent pocket change, this is a major investment to the supposed ignorant masses that fill the seats come game day. Jefferson and Bernstine feel the fans do not support the team; we feel insulted that the players would give aything short of a 100% effort while expecting us to fill the stadium every week. For a return on our investment all we expect is a game that is played hard with maximum effort and minimum stupidity. If Bernstine used some of his energy hitting opponents maybe he would be too tired to threaten our mothers, wives and daughters.

The frustration we feel is compounded when we watch professionals make the same mistakes over and over.

If Jefferson and Bernstine no longer desire my company on Sunday afternoons, all they have to do is buy the remaining tickets I have. I really try to avoid being in situations where I am not wanted. So please, Shawn and Rod, do not allow me to ruin your Sundays anymore. Send me a check for the tickets I have left. Once the rest of the so-called fans hear that you have taken me up on my offer, you will have a nice, quiet, restful place to play come Oct. 4.


San Marcos

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