LOS ANGELES COUNTY : EPA Will Seek Fines Against 4 Oil Refineries

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday it will seek more than $250,000 in penalties for violations of clean air laws by four petroleum refineries.

The EPA said it will seek a $105,000 fine against Huntway Refining Co. of Wilmington; $60,000 in fines against Fletcher Oil and Refining Co. of Wilmington and Ultramar Inc. of Long Beach, and $32,822 from Mobil Petroleum Co. Inc. of Torrance.

The penalties, the EPA said, take into account the economic advantages the companies gained by failing to comply with the laws, the duration and severity of the violations, and the size of the business.

Huntway was cited for failure to install continuous emission monitoring systems and failure to provide semiannual emission reports to the EPA. Fletcher and Ultramar were cited for failing to provide semiannual reports. Mobil was cited for failing to install the monitoring system until this past January.

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