Perot to Repeat Ad, Delay New One

Associated Press

Ross Perot will rerun his half-hour campaign ad on the nation's economic problems tonight instead of a new one that discusses solutions, aides said Thursday.

The campaign will broadcast the solutions ad sometime after Sunday's presidential debate, spokeswoman Sharon Holman said. It is expected to include painful prescriptions he has proposed in the past, such as tax increases and cuts in government spending.

Aides asserted that Perot decided to repeat the first ad, shown Tuesday night on CBS, after thousands of viewers called his Dallas headquarters and the network's affiliates asking for it.

The cost of the half-hour tonight at 9:30 PDT is $620,000, ABC has said.

"People who didn't get to see it wanted to see it and people who saw it wanted to see it again," said Orson G. Swindle III, who leads the Perot supporters' organization.

The presentation won second place in its time period Tuesday night, a showing that Holman said "proves that the American people are very concerned about the economy."

The ad finished second to a sitcom, "Full House," but slightly ahead of the opening game of baseball's National League championship series.

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