Questions were sent to candidates in September. Answers have been edited to fit the space.

State Spending

Q. What do you believe is the single most wasteful program in state government?

Fitzgerald: Off the top of my head, I'd have to say the Legislature, since they spend all the money.

George: Not answered.

Katz: There are a number of state programs that are wasteful, but perhaps the best example is allowing the Department of Agriculture to use over $5 million in taxpayer dollars over the next several years to lobby another state agency, Cal-EPA, on pesticide regulation.

Indispensable Program

Q. Are there any state programs you believe should never be cut? If so, what?

Fitzgerald: No.

George: Not answered.

Katz: No. I believe all state programs should be accountable to taxpayers. If programs have outlived their usefulness or are not effective, their funding should be cut, eliminated, or changes should be implemented to justify expenditure of tax dollars.

Rebuilding L.A.

Q. What specific steps should be taken to rebuild riot-scarred parts of Los Angeles?

Fitzgerald: Lower all taxes and remove stupid regulations. Allow legitimate businesses to move into the area or start new businesses with no taxation for one year.

George: Not answered.

Katz: This time, those who help to rebuild Los Angeles must own a piece of its future. The resources that flow into the city from either public or private sources must be used to give a real ownership stake to the residents of the communities receiving help. A Community Development Corporation should be created in which residents and business owners would be shareholders. Economic development would be achieved through resident ownership and control of the resources of the corporation. When residents make a real investment in their neighborhoods, lasting change can be achieved.

Taxes on Wealthy

Q. Do you support a November ballot initiative that would raise taxes on wealthy individuals, corporations and banks while repealing 1991 sales tax hikes?

Fitzgerald: No! This is a pretty stupid idea.

George: Not answered.

Katz: I oppose Proposition 167. While some of its provisions may be reasonable and needed tax reform, unfortunately, it goes too far. The primary result of its passage would be increased taxes on small businesses. This is the worst possible time to add to business burdens. They will fire people, close down, move to another state if they can, or increase prices to consumers. California cannot afford to risk the consequences of more job losses.

Gay Rights

Q. Do you support legislation to ban job discrimination against homosexuals in California?

Fitzgerald: No.

George: Not answered.

Katz: Yes.

Business Exodus

Q. Do you believe businesses are leaving California due to a hostile business environment? If yes, how would you make California more attractive to business?

Fitzgerald: Yes. Cut taxes; deregulate; execute trial lawyers.

George: Yes. Simplify and reduce laws, government.

Katz: We must create jobs for Californians by cutting unnecessary red tape and promoting Los Angeles as the transportation center for manufacture and development of alternative modes of travel, such as light rail and electric vehicles. We must use our tax dollars to create jobs for taxpayers.

Health Insurance

Q. Do you support requiring California businesses to provide health insurance to employees or contribute to a fund to provide health care for the uninsured?

Fitzgerald: No. This is yet another stupid idea designed to destroy business.

George: No. Companies should provide employees with a paycheck. Employees should have complete control over how their compensation is spent.

Katz: Adequate health care should be available to all Californians. A combination of employer-provided, employee participation and low-cost safety net policies should be utilized to reach this goal.

School Vouchers

Q. Do you support giving state money to parents to allow them to enroll their children in schools of their choice, public or private?

Fitzgerald: Yes.

George: No.

Katz: No.

College Tuition

Q. Should tuition at state universities and colleges be increased to help offset state budget deficits?

Fitzgerald: No. Just stop electing liberals who flush our taxes down the toilet.

George: Yes. I believe a business should at least break even. Too much emphasis is placed on art, sports and ethnic studies. We need more English, math, science, physics.

Katz: I support minimal increases.

School Bonds

Q. Do you support reducing the votes needed to pass a school construction bond issue from two-thirds to a simple majority?

Fitzgerald: No.

George: No.

Katz: Yes.

Death Penalty

Q. Do you support capital punishment for any crimes? If so, which ones?

Fitzgerald: Yes. First-degree murder, multiple murder, murder of police or government official, child molestation repeat offenders.

George: No.

Katz: Yes. For those crimes for which it can be imposed under current law.

Affirmative Action

Q. In general, do you think affirmative action in employment of women and members of minority groups has not gone far enough, or has gone too far, or is about right?

Fitzgerald: Affirmative action is not fair or right in any way. It discriminates against one group and leaves the other with no incentive to excel.

George: Affirmative action is a very dangerous tool.

Katz: I believe we have made good progress in some cases, but not in others.

Abortion Rights

Q. Do you support a woman's unrestricted right to an abortion within the first three months of pregnancy?

Fitzgerald: No.

George: Yes.

Katz: Yes.

State Support

Q. Do you support state funding of abortions for women who cannot afford them?

Fitzgerald: No.

George: No.

Katz: Yes.


Q. Do you support a November ballot initiative that would make it legal for doctors to "assist" terminally ill patients in dying, such as by giving them lethal injection?

Fitzgerald: No. Life is still sacred, an individual's beliefs notwithstanding.

George: Yes.

Katz: Yes.

Welfare Benefits

Q. Do you support Gov. Pete Wilson's proposal to reduce welfare benefits for a family of three by 10% immediately, to $597 a month, and by another 15% for families with able-bodied adults who were not working?

Fitzgerald: Yes. We can't afford it.

George: Yes. I want to reduce the taxes of working Americans. Simplify the tax code to one simple calculation on all income.

Katz: I support welfare reform, including limiting benefits for out-of-state residents, but the governor's proposals are more politics than substance.

Oil Drilling

Q. Barring a national emergency, would you ever support opening up more of the California coastline to oil exploration?

Fitzgerald: Yes. It is a national emergency. Liberal environmentalists are taking over the state.

George: Yes. If coastal oil seepage became a problem.

Katz: No.

California Life

Q. What single change would most improve life in Southern California?

Fitzgerald: Republicans in office. Imprisoning people like Tom Bradley, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Ramona Ripston.

George: Smaller government, fewer laws forced on the population.

Katz: Leadership willing to make the tough decisions that will make our streets safer and create job opportunities by encouraging investment in Los Angeles and its people.

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