Monitoring ‘Super Dave’

Some important details were omitted from “Protest Sends ‘Super Dave’ Back to the Drawing Board” (Nov. 10) by Times staff writer Greg Braxton.

In his otherwise accurate and timely article about the Fuji character appearing in Fox Children’s Network show “Super Dave,” Braxton failed to note the important role the Asian-American community played in getting Fox to consider changes in the character.

It was not only because of the concerns I raised as a member of the Fox Children’s Network Advisory Board that led to changes in the Fuji character, but it was also directly related to concerns of individuals and groups such as the Media Action Network for Asian Americans that helped raise the awareness and sensitivity of Fox.

Diligent community monitoring of the media, as evident by MANAA’s active role in the Asian-American community, helps us all create better TV for all Americans.

KENYON S. CHAN, Professor and Chair, Department of Asian American Studies, Cal State Northridge