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Off the List: An exhibition titled "Skinned Eyes/Skin Dyes," which opened Monday at the L.A. City Hall Bridge Gallery, has lost two of its displays. Officials in the city Cultural Affairs Department pulled a floor installation by Asian-American artist Chuleenan Svetvilas which was called "PED XING" and contained text including "You are racist and sexist," and "You feel good because you include artists of color yet they have no control over their representation." Rodney Sappington, another of the seven artists scheduled for the exhibition, removed his own work on family history and domestic violence in support of Svetvilas. The Svetvilas installation was dropped after curator Tyler Stallings received a memo from Cultural Affairs stating the nature of the work "is not acceptable for this kind of public space." Rodney Punt, assistant general manager of Cultural Affairs, reportedly felt it would be more appropriate in a gallery where viewers chose to enter, as opposed to the Bridge Gallery which is actually a pedestrian bridge connecting two parts of City Hall.

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