COLLEGE FOOTBALL / BLUE-GRAY ALL-STAR CLASSIC : 290-Pound Runner Turns Tide for Gray

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Jason Youngblood, a 290-pound guard from Houston, ran 18 yards for a touchdown on a "fumblerooskie" play early in the third quarter and the Gray went on to a 27-17 victory in the Blue-Gray All-Star Classic on Friday.

"Man, I felt like I was the fastest thing on earth," Youngblood said, describing how he rambled around left end to the end zone.

The play began with the center laying the ball on the ground instead of snapping it to the quarterback. The whole team ran to the right, drawing the defense in that direction, while Youngblood picked up the ball and ran in the other direction.

"I was surprised when the coach called the play," said Youngblood, who had never run it before and didn't expect to in an all-star game where the teams have only a few days to work together. "I couldn't believe how wide open I was."

Maryland's Mark Duffner, who coached the Gray offense, said the team had worked on the play for two days in practice and decided to use it if the situation was right.

"We needed a little something to get the momentum," he said. "Getting that touchdown quickly was a big momentum-gainer for us."

The Blue squad dominated the first half, building a 14-0 lead while piling up a 259-100 advantage in yards.

Youngblood's touchdown capped the first possession of the second half and seemed to spark the Gray. Still, the Blue led until John Kaleo of Maryland threw an 18-yard pass to Clemson's Larry Ryans for the winning score with 2:50 remaining.

Arkansas linebacker Raylee Johnson sealed the victory 27 seconds later when he knocked the ball away from Blue quarterback Alex Van Pelt of Pittsburgh, picked it up and ran 40 yards for another touchdown.

Kaleo, selected the Gray MVP, completed nine of 15 passes for 147 yards and two touchdowns. Indiana quarterback Trent Green, who picked up MVP honors for the Blue, completed eight of 15 for 99 yards and directed both of his team's scoring drives in the first half.

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