Incidents May Not Be Embarrassing, but Television Interview May Be

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Associated Press

Washington Coach Don James, preparing his team for today’s Rose Bowl game, used profanities when an ESPN interviewer pressed him about the program’s recent troubles.

James was asked Wednesday by interviewer Mark Schwarz if he was embarrassed by the incidents, which include quarterback Billy Joe Hobert’s suspension for improper loans and drug arrests involving present and former players.

In an interview taped earlier that day, Washington President William Gerberding had said the incidents were “embarrassing to the institution.”


Schwarz asked James if he was embarrassed.

“Maybe shocked would be a better word,” the coach replied.

Then James erupted when Schwarz asked, “Are you angry that (Gerberding) would use the word embarrassing? “

“Absolutely not,” James said. “Are you trying to get me to say something bad about my president? That is . . . ridiculous, Mark. Don’t even lead your . . . questions that way. I’m not going to sit here and put up with that . . . now, I’ve already told you that . . . “

James’ comments were bleeped out of the telecast.