SAN FERNANDO VALLEY : Korenstein Files to Run for Weintraub's Board Seat

Moving quickly to fill a political vacuum, Los Angeles school board member Julie Korenstein filed papers Wednesday to run for the mid-San Fernando Valley seat being vacated by board member Roberta Weintraub.

Korenstein's action came on the first day candidates that were allowed to file for 1993 city races and one day after Weintraub made her surprise announcement that she is retiring after 14 years on the board.

Weintraub's departure was welcome news for Korenstein, whose current west Valley district was carved up in a recent redrawing of school district boundaries, leaving her with the unpleasant choice of running against either Weintraub or another incumbent, Westside board member Mark Slavkin. Korenstein, 49, had already purchased a condominium in Weintraub's district in preparation for a run against her when Weintraub said Tuesday she would not run again.

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