Tips on How to Avoid Scams on Roof Repairs


Homeowners desperately seeking a roofer who is not booked solid are perfect prey for disreputable contractors.

“The rain will bring out all kinds of cons and scam artists,” said Howard Randol of San Gabriel-based Randol Roofing and Construction. Reliable roofers and consumer specialists offer the following tips to avoid making a bad situation worse:

Obtain the roofing contractor’s license number and verify that it is in good standing by contacting the Contractor’s State Licensing Board at (800) 321-2752. A C-39 number designates a roofing license.


Get several estimates.

As with any major home construction project, ask for references--and check them out. Talk to previous customers and, if possible, view the work done.

Be wary of roofers who require large down payments before they start any work.

Be cautious of roofers who do not have a contractor’s license or insurance and solicit door-to-door promising cheap prices.

For referrals or to get answers to any other questions, contact the Roofing Contractors Assn. of Southern California in El Monte at (818) 579-1276.