Nanny Backs Allen in Fight With Farrow

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From Reuters

The nanny who cared for the children of actress Mia Farrow and film director Woody Allen took his side in the bitter custody dispute Monday, saying she had quit her job after receiving a subpoena from the actress’ lawyers.

“After I got the subpoena, I couldn’t work there anymore, for I knew I was not going to testify for Miss Farrow,” Monica Thompson said in a statement released Monday by Allen spokeswoman Leslee Dart.

“Mr. Allen was always the better parent, and all the things Miss Farrow is now saying about him are not true. Dylan always loved him dearly, and misses him and still loves him dearly,” Thompson said.


A source close to Allen said Farrow’s lawyers subpoenaed the woman Jan. 14 to testify at a visitation hearing to begin today in state court in Manhattan.

Allen is seeking visitation rights with his biological son, Satchel, 5, and the couple’s two adopted children, Moses, 14, and Dylan, 7.

Allen has been accused of sexually molesting Dylan, a charge he denies.

“Farrow had been pressuring the nanny to say things favorable and in support of Mia,” the source said.

“Monica said (to Farrow): ‘I’m not going to lie. I just won’t do it,’ ” the source said. “ ‘I won’t lie in court.’ ”