Noise Over Airport

What poor investigative reporting!

If, as reported, Burbank airport noise has been cut down (“Reports From FAA Show Airport Has Cut Noise,” Times Valley Edition, Jan. 11), then why has there been “an increase of 200% in noise complaints?”

I would have hoped you might have wondered about that and dug a little deeper. Let me shed some light.

The reason there have been more complaints is because they are monitoring old flight paths, and the planes have been diverted to more northern routes--specifically north of the freeway. I have been reporting a dramatic increase to the airport authority for over six months. On one day this week, I reported more than 40 noise infractions over my house. I have gone outside and watched as the United and Southwest airplanes take sharp right turns and fly over my neighborhood. If The Times wants to know where the noise went, I invite a reporter to spend a day. I’ll even buy lunch.



North Hollywood