Celtics’ Parish Will Be Charged With Possession of Marijuana

Associated Press

Boston Celtic center Robert Parish, the oldest player in the NBA, will be charged today with possession of marijuana after authorities found the drug at his home and in a package addressed to him.

The case began in San Francisco on Wednesday night, when a drug-sniffing dog detected marijuana in a Federal Express package addressed to Parish.

The information was relayed to police in Massachusetts, and when the package arrived at a Federal Express facility in Natick, a police dog again detected marijuana.

Police obtained a search warrant, opened the package and found it contained several ounces of marijuana, said Kurt Schwartz, an Essex County assistant district attorney.

Another warrant was obtained for Parish’s home, where authorities found five ounces of marijuana, Schwartz said.


Parish, 39, will be charged with possession of marijuana, as will Heather Graves, 24, who was with Parish at his home in Weston when police discovered the marijuana.

The charge is a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of six months in jail and a $500 fine.