FILM AT 11: A group of young...

FILM AT 11: A group of young filmmakers is in the process of turning Los Angeles singer-songwriter David Baerwald’s upcoming album “Triage” into a short movie, planned for theatrical and cable television release. Executive producer Anne-Marie Mackay of Palomar Pictures has assembled a team of eight directors--including Joel Schumacher, director of the new Michael Douglas film “Falling Down,” and veteran music video director Neil Abramson--to shoot a story extrapolated from the album’s rich collection of character studies.

The film, scheduled to be shot this week in Norwalk, is set on a train journey, incorporating both songs and spoken segments by Baerwald. There’s a possibility that Sean Penn and Harry Dean Stanton, two close friends of Baerwald, will be among the actors appearing. Mackay says that she became a fan of Baerwald while the singer was half of David + David, whose song “Boomtown” was one of the definitive Los Angeles songs of the ‘80s.

“His manager came to me with this album to talk about doing videos and said, ‘Let’s do something special,’ ” Mackay says. “I said, ‘Why do videos at all?’ We have great people here and a special album, so we’re designing a new way of marketing the music.”