Animal Suffering and 'Spirit' of West

In response to the March 16 article, "Old West Still Lives," I want to congratulate you on your accuracy. Depicting the mother bawling in disapproval when the calves are separated exposes the strong maternal bonds cows possess. And the way calves are literally dragged to a separate area reflects the true "spirit" of the cowboy.

On with the Old West tradition of control over the weaker--or just blatant exploitation--the ranchers dehorn, vaccinate and brand the pain-feeling calves. Then they are injected with their first hormone shots, castrated (again without anesthesia), and ears notched. The hormones are the first of many chemicals that will be in the meat of these animals. Pesticide residues and antibiotics will also concentrate in the flesh destined for consumption.

The article closed the scene with, "the bloodied calves scurried to their mother's sides for comforting." There are no laws to protect these animate creatures destined for the slaughterhouses. We are the lucky humans who have no reason to eat flesh.


Aliso Viejo

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