Time to Give Perot His Due

Judy B. Rosener (“What Exactly Is Under Ross Perot’s Hood,” March 11) spends half her time whining about Ross Perot’s supposed ego tripping and the other half asking him for answers to the nation’s problems.

It’s interesting that she seems to show more of an interest in holding a private citizen accountable for solving our problems than she does the politicians whom we have elected for that purpose.

I have little doubt that if Mr. Perot had continued to push his own agenda after the election that Ms. Rosener would have been one of the voices demanding that the new Administration have an opportunity to meet these problems without his interference. Now that enough time has passed to show that despite the rhetoric some things indeed appear to be government as usual, she demands to know what his answers are.

Give Mr. Perot his due; he continues to do more to focus the debate on the nation’s problems and potential solutions than any politician in the country.



Dana Point