PLATFORM : First Things First

We (Americans) cannot afford to be bogged down in the world's problems any longer. That's why

I cast my vote for Clinton. He seemed to be genuinely committed to our problems and their solutions. Bush, while a good man, fell in the trap of foreign policy and the continued slide of our economy and society bears this out during his tenure as President.

President Clinton, do you really think that the slaughter of Croatians or the fate of Russia’s democracy is any more of a pressing issue than the problems we have here? Thousands of young people gunned down in our streets because of gang violence; whole families, homeless and starving, living in boxes; unemployment; AIDS; the environment; racism and a collapsing health-care system. And the list goes on and on. Sure, let’s do what we can to help other countries, but first things first. A strong country is better able to lead the world.