SOCIAL CLIMES / THE OSCARS : SWIFTY LAZAR’S : Salmon and Sophia Star at Spago Fete

The Scene: Literary agent Irving (Swifty) Lazar’s legendary annual Oscar bash at Spago. “You win an Oscar and you go to Spago,” said Marisa Tomei, her prize on the table.

Who Was There: Among the 148 at viewing and dinner were Faye Dunaway, Jimmy Stewart, Dennis Hopper, Gene Kelly, Larry McMurtry and LeRoy Neiman (who was making sketches for a painting of the party). The only major no-shows were Roseanne and Tom Arnold. The 200 or so at the reception later included Sophia Loren, Jack Nicholson, Liz Taylor, Al Pacino, Quincy Jones, Anjelica Huston and Robert Graham, Placido Domingo, Sharon Stone and Anthony Hopkins.

The Buzz: Lazar turned 86 the day before. There was some speculation on how much longer he’d host the party. George Burns, 97, said he should continue because “when I was 86, I still had acne.”

Guest Who Turned the Most Jaded Heads: Sophia Loren.


Chow: What the menu described as “oven-roasted Alaskan white salmon with horseradish crust.” Outside, one of the news crews sent out for pizza.

Quoted: Nominee Robert Altman said he told questioners, “I didn’t come for the Oscar. I’m doing research for ‘The Player’ sequel.”