Burbank Airport a Noisy Issue

With one hand tied behind its back, the Los Angeles City Council has finally decided to challenge Burbank Airport's ridiculous environmental impact report--the one that says airports don't cause noise .

Though the owners of Burbank Airport--the cities of Burbank, Pasadena and Glendale--collect the cash, it is Los Angeles that gets the trash: pollution, traffic and noise, noise, noise.

Adding to that noise is City Council President John Ferraro's naive, or cynical, motion that the city negotiate with the airport and make the problem go away. Get real, John! The only reason Burbank Airport would even talk to the city of L.A. is because of the threat of being sued and slowing the flow of federal money needed to turn Burbank into a real cash cow.

Pull out your earplugs John, and listen to the roar of the jets and the howls of your constituents. Don't tie the City Council's hands. Back the lawsuit. It's the last weapon left to force Burbank to deal fairly with the people who are going to bear the burden of its profits.


Studio City

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