Burbank Airport a Noisy Issue

Before the city of Los Angeles’ decision to legally challenge the Burbank Airport’s environmental impact report (EIR) on its proposed 670,000-square-foot terminal was many days old, the airport’s public relations department was spitting out misleading information--such as that the Burbank Airport is concerned over Los Angeles’ budget problem and the expense of a lawsuit.

Suddenly the airport is concerned about L.A.'s budget problem! Yes, the city has budget shortfalls, but they already have a large legal staff that can handle the suit. The budget problem is a phony argument designed to give the city an excuse not to take action against the EIR and to entice protests by the citizens of L.A. against the filing of the lawsuit. Our City Council didn’t bite the bait. We don’t expect City Atty. James K. Hahn to be hoodwinked either.


Valley Village