Rohrabacher Looking Out for Constituents' Interests at AFB

* The controversy over George Air Force Base centers around which municipality will receive a monumental giveaway of a federal asset.

The most fair and responsible approach should be to put up the parcel for sale to the highest bidder, after extensive promotion.

This would be a market approach that would maximize the likelihood that the asset will be used for its highest and best use. In this manner, the city of Adelanto and the Victor Valley development authority could both competitively bid on it, and not need to "influence" particular congressmen in order to obtain it.

Selling the property would treat federal taxpayers more fairly, since all U.S. taxpayers have contributed to buying and maintaining George AFB, not just the taxpayers in Southern California.

Isn't it time that we quit giving away federal riches, and start trying to get as much money as we can from selling them? The money we get could be used to pay off the national debt!



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