Rep. Maxine Waters

As a longtime admirer of Rep. Maxine Waters, I was saddened by the despair and resignation which overshadowed the statements of substance in her interview (Opinion, May 16).

Reading it was like wading through political quicksand with the feeling one was about to be pulled down forever into a morass of blame and imperfections shared alike by Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, poor and rich.

None seemed to come up to Rep. Waters’ standards, including, apparently, herself.

I suppose she’s right that it doesn’t matter who is mayor or that voting for a President is picking the lesser of two evils or that correcting inner-city problems is a question of saturation bombing with billions of tax dollars. But this attitude is surprising coming from someone who has been so effective over the years in producing bread-and-butter bills which benefited her constituents in very practical ways.


What I wish for the congresswoman is that she remember her marching, arm in arm, with Jesse Jackson, as he exclaimed: “Let’s keep hope alive!”


Los Angeles