Expletive Deleted

Compiled by the Social Climes Staff

After more than two years of packing in a crowd of the bold and the beautiful, the pierced and the tattooed, that Sunday night club with the name we can’t print is defunct.

Since it moved from its original location in Silver Lake to the Dragonfly in Hollywood, the place had become more and more popular, popping up on TV tabloid shows and drawing curious celebrities like Dennis Hopper and Liza Minnelli.

But take heart. The club’s new incarnation, Snuff, opens tonight at a new spot. Since one of the reasons for the move is an attempt to reclaim the club as a space for thrill-seekers instead of lookey-loos, we won’t spoil the surprise by revealing the location. One hint: It’s still in Hollywood.


Some Kids Learn Faster

At the recent opening party for the Universal City Walk at Universal Studios, Natalie Caine of the Crow’s Nest children’s bookstore on the walk asked hundreds of guests this question: What was your favorite book read to you in childhood? The idea was to get a clearer picture of what the store’s customers would desire.

Here are the crowd’s favorites from those bedtimes sessions:

* Dr. Seuss books.

* “Where the Wild Things Are.”

* Classic fairy tales.

* “Charlotte’s Web.”

* “Winnie the Pooh.”

There were, of course, exceptions. A number of wise guys claimed that “The Kinsey Report,” “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “Catch-22” had been their preschool pre-sleep preferences. And although Caine considered it a bit odd, Wolfgang Puck maintained he was serious when he said his favorite memory was of his father reading to him from Playboy magazine. Maybe the German edition was filled with pizza recipes.

We’ve Seen the Future . . .

The City of Angels was well represented at the Style Summit in New York City earlier this month. Billed as the “world’s only nightclub convention,” held over four nights at six of the city’s megaclubs, it was the kind of event where boys were sometimes girls and girls were sometimes bald.

The L. A. contingent to this uptown vogue ball included Louis Escandalo, who was spotted at Lower Manhattan’s Limelight clad in a silver head-to-toe bodysuit adorned with dryer-vent tubing. Attempting to explain this garment, designed by L.A.’s Sheeba, Escandalo said, “We feel like the future is now.”

A Real Tossup

What to do at a wedding when it’s time to throw the bouquet and there are lots of single women? Throw one and watch a cat fight ensue? Hardly.

The egalitarian approach was practiced by actress Katrina Woodard, who married Van Halen manager Ed Leffler recently in the garden of their Brentwood home. Instead of one bouquet she tossed several, and here are just a few of the females with good hand-eye coordination who caught them: actress Mary Frann, Nicole Simpson (O. J.’s ex and his date for the event), Brenda Richie (Lionel’s ex) and Nancy Davis, daughter of megamoguls Marvin and Barbara Davis.