7 Propositions Qualify for Ballot

Associated Press

Seven ballot propositions, including ones on school vouchers and a sales tax increase, have qualified and been assigned numbers for the statewide special election Nov. 2, the secretary of state's office has reported.

They are:

Proposition 168--would eliminate the requirement that local governments hold an election for every publicly supported housing project, but would allow such issues to be placed on the ballot through a petition process.

Proposition 169--would allow the Legislature to implement provisions of the state budget by passing a single bill, rather than numerous "trailer bills" dealing with separate components.

Proposition 170--would allow voters to approve school construction bonds by a simple majority vote, rather than the two-thirds majority now required.

Proposition 171--would authorize the Legislature to extend the special property valuation provision that currently allows residents who replace a structure damaged by a natural disaster to pay the same property tax as before the disaster. The extension would apply the tax break to replacement structures built in another county.

Proposition 172--would make permanent a temporary half-cent sales tax enacted in 1991, with proceeds earmarked for local public safety programs. It was this measure that prompted Gov. Pete Wilson to call the special election.

Proposition 173--would authorize the sale of $185 million in state bonds to provide mortgage insurance to first-time home buyers, enabling them to obtain home mortgage loans with down payments as low as 3%.

Proposition 174--would provide vouchers worth up to $2,600 each to all primary and secondary students to attend a public or private school of their choice.

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