High Life: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Seeing Pigs or Being One--All Is Fair, Fun

With the Orange County Fair closing in just a couple of days, fair-goers have no time to waste figuring out the best attractions.

For this week's Hot Topic, High Life goes straight to the experts to ask: "What's your favorite thing to see or do at the fair?"

"Make a total pig of myself, because there's lots of cheap, fattening food." --Laura Nelson, 16, junior, Laguna Beach

"The Haunted Shack, because it's so pointless and you don't know where you're going." --Byron Ferguson, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Go on Kamikaze, because it scares you." --Sanaz Golban, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

"The guys, because they flirt with you." --Nicole Scott, 14, freshman, Trabuco Hills

"The guy on the Ferris wheel who's trying to break the record. That's the most incredible thing I've ever seen." --Amy Sprang, 16, senior, Fountain Valley

"The rides, because they're fun and there are a lot of them." --Kelly Nedderman, 15, sophomore, Marina

"The exhibits. They've got a lot of interesting things." --Jamie Fisher, 16, junior, Marina

"The guys, because they're beautiful." --Miranda Till, 15, junior, Costa Mesa

"The mascots, because I work at the fair." --Janee Sansone, 16, senior, Ocean View

"Livestock, because I like animals and I raise them myself." --Daniel Harris, 16, junior, Costa Mesa

"The carnival area, because I like to watch people waste their money on the games." --Scott Giddings, 14, freshman, Calvary Chapel

"The prizes and the guys, because the guys give you the prizes free." --Brooke Woodhouse, 14, freshman, Costa Mesa

"Just hanging out, because it's there." --Jesse Garland, 14, freshman, Pacifica

"The petting farm with all the animals, because I love animals and it's a neat experience." --Sarah Zachry, 16, junior, Brea-Olinda

"There's a lot for everybody to do--rides, games, animals and stuff." --Christine Julian, 16, junior, Brea-Olinda

"The Zipper, because it's fun and it doesn't make you sick." --Jaime Benson, 14, freshman, Costa Mesa

"The Zipper ride, because it's so fun and it spins you around!" --Kyle Norton, 15, sophomore, Corona Del Mar

"The Dragon Swing, because it's really fun. It takes you back and you lose your stomach. It's thrill-seeking." --Alyssa Nye, 14, freshman, Corona del Mar

"The exhibits, because it's really nice to do. I like something different to do; all fairs have rides." --Michael Wegner, 17, senior, University

"The Zipper, because you flip over." --Amy House, 13, Freshman, Costa Mesa

"Go on the Enterprise ride, because it's fun and it goes upside down." --Jessica Donatelli, 13, freshman, Costa Mesa

"The fun houses, because they're fun and cool and wild ." --Kellee Stoney, 14, freshman, Trabuco Hills

"The Top Spin ride, because it's a thrill." --Jessica Davidson, 15, freshman, Costa Mesa

"The Top Spin ride, because you hang in the air." --Sialee Plummer, 14, freshman, Newport Harbor

"The bumper boats, because I got wet and it's really hot." --Priya Sanghvi, 18, senior, Marina

"The prizes, because then you get to go around and show them off." --Michelle Barnes, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

"Eat, spin and throw up, because it's fun and you get a thrill out of it." --Davina Locke, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

"The guys and the rides, because they're cool." --Jamie Norton, 14, Trabuco Hills, freshman

"The fast rides, because they're exciting." --Jessica McCurdy, 14, freshman, Trabuco Hills

"The men, because there are lots of them I've never seen before and they're all rad." --Jennifer Ruper, 14, sophomore, Corona del Mar

"To go on the rides and have a good time." --Nikki McDowell, 17, junior, San Clemente

"The Zipper ride, because it's fun and you spin a lot." --Holly Rogers, 15, sophomore, Edison

"To bother the pigs, because they're fat and lazy." --Nolan Nerell, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos Responses to this week's question were gathered by Trisha Ginsburg.

Next Week's Hot Topic:

What is your worst habit, and what are you trying to do to break it?

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