South-Central L.A. Electronics Firm to Move to Ventura

The Robert M. Hadley Co., a South-Central Los Angeles electronics firm that has been planning to relocate to Ventura since last year’s riots, will finally make the move sometime this fall, with the first group of transferred employees due to arrive about Labor Day.

The company is a 64-year-old concern with 90 employees and $5 million in annual sales.

Hadley is moving to Ventura “because several of us in management want to live in that area, and also because we’re concerned about security in our present location,” said James A. Hadley, the company’s president. He added that the company will benefit from combining its main production line in Los Angeles with a branch facility already operating on Transport Street in Ventura.

The L. A. plant at Hoover and 51st streets will be closed, Hadley said, and the entire move will definitely be completed before the end of the year. About 45 workers are now employed at the 48,000-square-foot Ventura facility. That number will double when the relocation is completed, Hadley added.


The current total payroll of about 130 will be trimmed, Hadley said--partly because some employees chose to quit and remain in Los Angeles and partly because the company hopes to operate more efficiently in Ventura.

The Hadley firm disclosed in June, 1992, that it planned to eventually leave Los Angeles. The decision came in the wake of that year’s riots.

“Our plant suffered only minor damage, but there were fires and major destruction only a block away,” James Hadley said. “We decided we had to leave for the sake of our employees’ safety and for the security of the plant.”

The Hadley firm produces transformers and other items for the aerospace industry. It does subcontracting work for Hughes Aircraft Co., Lockheed Corp., Litton Industries and other large companies.


About 80% of the work is defense-related, but the company recently received a significant non-defense contract from Hughes Aircraft and Hughes’ parent, General Motors, James Hadley said. “We’re going to help develop the power system for a new electric car. As yet, it isn’t a large contract for us financially, but we feel there’s a good chance it will grow.”