Approval of $94-Million Irvine Schools’ Budget Expected

The Irvine Unified School District Board of Education is expected to approve a $94-million budget at its meeting today.

The budget, which is similar to the one tentatively passed in June, maintains funding for most educational programs. It is about $3 million larger than last year’s budget and calls for about $1 million in cuts.

Most of the cuts would come from reductions in future salary increases for teachers.

Board President Margie Wakeham said that about $300,000 will be available to implement recommendations of the Safe Community Task Force, a committee that suggested more than 50 ways to reduce youth violence in Irvine.


The board plans to discuss the task force report today, when district staffers will release a review of some of the committee’s recommendations.

Though the board has discussed several task force ideas, it hasn’t given final approval to any of the recommendations.

“We have to go over the specific recommendations,” Wakeham said. “There is money there if the board wishes to spend it” on the task force ideas, which range from beefing up school security to encouraging nonviolent conflict resolution.