Jackson’s Brain Scan Normal After Migraine


Pop star Michael Jackson underwent a brain scan Tuesday after canceling a concert because of a migraine headache. His doctor said Jackson was fit and would resume his concert tour.

Jackson was animated Tuesday as he joked and waved to fans waiting outside his hotel. He was taken to Singapore’s Mt. Elizabeth Hospital for the magnetic resonance imaging scan, which provides three-dimensional views of the brain.

David Forecast, Jackson’s British doctor, said the singer’s MRI scan was “entirely normal.” He said a local consulting neurologist concurred with his diagnosis of “late-onset migraine.”

Jackson’s concert before 45,000 people in Singapore was abruptly canceled Monday night. The singer appeared to be in pain and had to be supported under the arms when he returned to the Raffles Hotel.


In a tape-recorded message played at a news conference, Jackson said he was “suddenly taken ill” and apologized for disappointing his fans. Singapore newspapers Tuesday contained photos of fans venting their anger, including a group of young disabled children who had waited hours to see the singer.

“I look forward to seeing you at the stadium tomorrow,” Jackson said. “Thank you for your continued support and understanding. I love you all. Thank you.”

Forecast said Jackson had suffered his first migraine six weeks ago, well before Los Angeles police began an investigation into allegations that Jackson had molested a 13-year-old boy. Those accusations have not been substantiated and the police have filed no charges.

The doctor said Jackson has been given medication to prevent a recurrence of the migraines and he will be given other medicine if the headaches return.


He said it is likely that the dehydration Jackson suffered last week during the first leg of the tour in Bangkok, Thailand, made the migraine more intense.

“Mr. Jackson is resting in his hotel, he’s in very good spirits, he’s very well and he’s looking forward to performing tomorrow,” Forecast said.

He added that he expects Jackson to continue with the tour to Taiwan later in the week.

Meanwhile, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, talking to reporters and editors at The Times, urged the media to exhibit more restraint in its reporting of the allegations of child molestation.


“I must appeal to the media to exercise some judgment and some restraint and to not irreparably destroy somebody through innuendo,” Jackson said.

“What the world gets out of this is all the suggestions and innuendoes about his sexuality and this and that,” he said. “And it just seems the process (is) unfair.”