Actor Testifies Against His Alleged Attacker : Courts: Jameson Parker of the TV series “Simon & Simon” says a neighbor, charged with attempted murder, shouted obscenities and shot him twice.


Television actor Jameson Parker, shot twice allegedly during an argument with a neighbor in October, took the witness stand Friday in the trial of the man accused of the attack.

Robert St. George, 53, is on trial in Van Nuys Superior Court on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Parker, 45, best known for playing the role of A.J. Simon, the clean-cut younger brother in the “Simon & Simon” series, said he had gone to St. George’s home to confront him over an incident that had occurred earlier that evening.

Darlene Parker had previously testified that she was walking the couple’s three dogs when St. George, who lived around the corner from their townhouse, yelled at her, “Pick up your goddamned dog crap from my lawn.”


She protested that the dogs did not relieve themselves on St. George’s lawn and an argument ensued with invectives hurled on both sides, she testified. When Jameson Parker returned home, she said she told him of the argument over dinner.

Disregarding his wife’s pleas not to speak with the man, Jameson Parker said in his testimony that he walked to St. George’s house to confront him.

Parker admitted that his first remark to the man echoed a lewd comment St. George had supposedly made during the argument with his wife. Parker said he then told him, “I’m the husband of the lady you insulted.”

Parker testified that St. George disappeared inside the home and appeared a few seconds later with a stainless steel Smith & Wesson handgun. St. George threw open the door, Parker said, pointed the weapon at his chest and dared the actor to step inside.


“I realized we weren’t getting very far with the conversation, so I asked him why he said that stuff to my wife,” Parker testified.

He said that St. George then repeatedly called his wife a “whore” and the actor a “Jew” and an obscenity.

“It was the first time it occurred to me I wasn’t going to be able to talk this one out,” Parker testified. He said he put up his arms and backed away.

But St. George pulled the trigger, he said, sending one round into the muscle under his left armpit and causing his entire body to spin around. Another bullet was fired that struck his upper right arm.


Parker testified that he fell to the ground, hoping to convince the gunman that he was mortally wounded and St. George went back inside the house. The actor said he managed to stumble to his house, a block and a half away.

Paramedics were summoned and Parker was brought to a hospital, where he spent only one night before being released.

Parker, who holds a second-degree black belt in shotokan karate and owns a number of weapons, insisted that he was not armed at the time of the incident and never used any force against St. George.

In her opening statement, Deputy Dist. Atty. Kathleen M. Cady described the case as a man “who was basically defending his wife’s honor.”


Cady told the jury that St. George attempted to later make the incident look like a justified shooting. She said he tried to make it appear that a burglar had damaged the front and rear doors of the house.

St. George’s defense attorney did not make an opening statement, and he declined to discuss the case.

Parker has recovered from bullets that passed completely through the left side of his chest and his right arm, but said he still suffered residual pain.

St. George is free on $250,000 bail. If convicted, he could be sentenced to a maximum of nine years in state prison for the attempted murder charge. He could also receive additional prison terms of five and three years for special allegations of using a weapon during the crime and causing great bodily injury.