‘Last Tango’ Kicks Off Film Series

“Last Tango in Paris,” one of the most praised and provocative movies to come out of the ‘70s, launches a series of free screenings at Cal State Fullerton tonight. Double-billed with Spanish director Vincente Aranda’s “Lovers” (1992), Bernardo Bertolucci’s “Last Tango” (1972) stars Marlon Brando as an American distraught over the mysterious suicide of his French wife. He meets a young woman (played by Maria Schneider) in a vacant Paris apartment, and they embark on a blindly passionate affair.

Rated X--a distinction that added to its impact when it was released in the United States--"Last Tango” is considered one of the more influential movies to come out of a decade renowned for fine international filmmaking.

The series will continue with:

* “The Third Man” (1949) and “Double Indemnity” (1944) on Sept. 23, “Film Noir Night”;


* “Leolo” (1993) and “The Tin Drum” (1979) on Oct. 7, “Bizarre Coming ‘o Age Night”;

* “Stranger Than Paradise” (1984) and “Down by Law” (1986) on Oct. 21, “Jim Jarmusch Night”;

* “The Living End” (1992) and “Fox and His Friends” (1975) on Nov. 4, “Gay Night”;

* “Proof” (1992) and “Breaker Morant” (1979) on Nov. 18, “Australian Night,” and


* “Roller Boogie” (1979) and “Saturday Night Fever” (1977) Dec. 9, “Retro Night.”

* “Lovers” by Vincente Aranda will be shown at 7:30 and “Last Tango in Paris” by Bernardo Bertolucci will be shown at 9:30 tonight in the Cal State Fullerton University Center’s Titan Theatre, 800 N. State College Boulevard, Fullerton. Free. (714) 773-3501.