Immigrants’ Impact

* There has been much written during the past year about whether illegal immigrants cost the American (read California) taxpayers money. We read reports supposedly indicating they do, and others that they do not.

Common sense would indicate that they do indeed cost the U.S. taxpayer. Some illegal immigrants may work and pay taxes; but surely not all. Who is paying for the medical care, education of children and other social needs of these people? It’s the American citizen--native-born and legally naturalized. This is money not available for programs for people who are here legally. This is patently unfair.

Being found guilty of breaking a law in the United States is followed by some form of punishment. But illegal immigrants break our laws (entering our country illegally) and we reward them. It is not a wise policy for our government.

I realize there are people the world over who desire to live in the United States. It is understandable. But pragmatically, the United States cannot accommodate all who wish to live here. And allowing these many illegal immigrants to stay here penalizes those who are here legally.


We must secure our borders for the good of the legal citizens of this country. It is not a race issue, as some would like to suggest. But it is an issue of common sense and fairness to citizens who abide by the law.


San Juan Capistrano