LAGUNA BEACH : Belly Dancing and Other Adventures

The city is gearing up for its fall recreation program with a wide variety of offerings, from horseback riding and dog obedience training to belly dancing and yoga classes.

Among the new options this fall is Adventure Games, a class for 4- to 6-year-olds intended to teach them how to catch, throw and develop other coordination skills.

“We received feedback from the community that those are important skills that need to be taught at an early age, and we really haven’t had any classes in that regard,” recreation director Cindy King said.

Classes are set to begin this month, but residents are late in receiving their brochures because the mailing company sent them elsewhere, King said. “We’re not exactly sure where they were mailed,” she said.


Other options available when classes begin this month are fitness training, watercolor classes and instruction in how to do the country-Western two-step.

Classes are available to non-residents as well. For more information, call the city’s recreation and social services department at (714) 497-0716.