Mahler at the Bowl

In Martin Bernheimer’s review of the Israel Philharmonic performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 at the Hollywood Bowl, he questioned the number of attendees (“Mehta Leads Mahler Marathon,” Aug. 28). Many of us Mahler--and Zubin Mehta--fans refused to attend.

I, for one, was afraid that the “Urlicht” would be accompanied by laughter at a wine bottle rolling down the steps. This symphony is too intimate, too serene to be played at the Bowl.

And I would have enjoyed even a “fair” rendition if I could have been assured of audience quietude and attention.



Panorama City


Will someone please tell Bernheimer that people do not go to the Bowl just to listen to music? If you want to hear flawless Beethoven, you stay at home with your earphones.

If you want to hear Beethoven while enjoying a delicious picnic with thousands of happy and friendly people, bellow the “Star-Spangled Banner,” which you never get to sing otherwise, watch the sunset over the hills, gaze up at the stars (and, yes, the airplanes), hope for something crazy to happen like a cat running across the stage or a coyote howling along with the clarinets, catch a free concert outside the Bowl by some of L.A.'s up-and-coming young musicians and enjoy the ventriloquist, then you go to the Bowl.