BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : ANGELS : Magrane Signs Three-Year Deal

When Joe Magrane signed with the Angels a month ago, he was grateful for the chance to prove he could still pitch.

That chance has produced a three-year contract that will guarantee him at least $3 million the first two years, and could pay him $9.3 million over three years if he makes at least 30 starts in 1994 and 25 starts in 1995. The Angels also have a $4-million option on Magrane in 1997 without a buyout.

“I had some worries about the long-range plans in my career,” said Magrane, who is 3-1 with a 3.44 earned-run average since being released by the St. Louis Cardinals in August.

“I thought a lot would be decided after the World Series. Believe me, I never thought this would happen.”



Angel rookie right fielder Tim Salmon had three pins placed in his broken left ring finger during surgery.