Woody Allen Won't Be Prosecuted for Child Abuse, Avoiding Traumatic Trial

Associated Press

A prosecutor said Friday he believes Woody Allen molested his adopted daughter but decided against charging the filmmaker to avoid a traumatic trial for the young girl.

Litchfield State's Attorney Frank Maco said state police investigators actually had drawn up an arrest warrant, but he decided there was no "compelling interest" in pursuing the case involving 8-year-old Dylan. A psychiatric panel earlier had concluded that Allen did not molest the girl.

Maco said he showed a copy of his findings to actress Mia Farrow a week ago, and she agreed with his decision.

"Based on my investigation, and the transcripts of the state police investigation and the New York Supreme Court decision, I found probable cause to believe a crime was committed," Maco said at a news conference.

"I decided this was no time for a 'damn the torpedoes' prosecutorial approach," Maco said. "My decision should not be construed as condoning the conduct of Mr. Allen."

Allen, 58, was accused of fondling Dylan in an attic at Farrow's Connecticut country house in August, 1992.

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