ANAHEIM : Council to Get New Adult-Business Law

The city attorney will present an ordinance today that would severely restrict locations for topless bars and other adult-oriented businesses, replacing an ordinance struck down by a court as too vague.

The ordinance would limit adult businesses to commercial or manufacturing zones and would require that they be at least 1,000 feet from any school, church, park or other adult business and 400 feet from any home. It would also prohibit such businesses in areas around Anaheim Arena and Anaheim Stadium.

The ordinance would also require that dancers wear G-strings and pasties.

The city’s previous ordinance was struck down by U.S. District Judge Richard A. Gadbois Jr. because it allowed the council or the Planning Commission to deny a license for an adult business if the business would have an “adverse effect” on the neighborhood. Courts in previous cases have ruled that cities may limit the locations of adult businesses but may not pass restrictions that effectively ban them entirely.


Gadbois’ ruling allowed Sandraella’s, a west-side bikini bar, to showcase topless dancers. A week later, the Sahara Club, an all-nude cabaret in a small shopping center near Anaheim Stadium, opened. Should the ordinance pass, those two clubs would be exempt from its provisions until November, 1995.

City officials said that eight other businesses, including several bikini bars and adult video stores, could fall under the ordinance. Should that be so, they too would have until 1995 to move to a place that complies with the ordinance.

City Atty. Jack L. White said that under the terms of the proposed ordinance, 22 places in the city would be legally suitable for adult businesses.