Leave Property Alone

As a concerned longtime resident of the Ventura Avenue area, I would like to question several points in your Sept. 9 article titled “Owners Out to Turn Land Into Model Area.”

What is wrong with a mishmash neighborhood of vacant lots, a producing lemon orchard, a job-producing bus enterprise, and a longtime Ventura towing business? These existing properties and businesses certainly don’t contribute to the smog, traffic congestion and potential safety hazards imposed on our children attending nearby schools that this development will bring with it.

It is difficult to understand how this “development” will provide a bike path. A separate article in the same edition acknowledges that monies have already been set aside for the development of the bike trail through the properties in question.

I would expect a world-class quality newspaper, such as The Times, to provide more objective reporting concerning other questionable opinions/options of west Ventura inferred in the article.